Deburring Small Tube and Pipe—the Right Tool for the Job

March 14, 2016

Pferd Inc., Milwaukee, WI, introduces Polistar-Tube flexible abrasive stars, designed to deburr hard-to-reach inner surfaces of tubes, bores and pipes from ¼- to 1.5-in. dia. To prevent corrosion on stainless-steel pipes, the abrasive stars are manufactured using stainless-steel rivets. Use them to clean and fine-grind bores; remove heat discoloration in stainless steel after welding; radius bore inlets and outlets; and deburr in cross bores. Users can stack the stars in several layers, aligned at an offset from one another, to optimize their efficiency.
Industry-Related Terms: Abrasive, Discoloration, Stainless Steel
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Technologies: Bending


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