Compact Robot for Arc Welding and Machine Tending

August 16, 2016

ABB Robotics, Auburn Hills, MI, has introduced the IRB 1660ID compact robot for arc-welding and machine-tending applications. Its integrated DressPack design, with internal cable routing, simplifies programming and decreases cable wear and damage to reduce maintenance costs.

Additional robot features include a stronger, more rigid upper arm, with a reach of 1.55 m and a payload of 6 kg to accommodate heavier weld torches and provide improved wire-feed control near the arc. Path repeatability: 0.05 mm.

The DressPack design allows the robot to move at maximum acceleration and speed, enabling quick and reliable movements ideal for machine-tending applications. The risk of collision in confined spaces is eliminated, and the combined 1390-deg. working range of axes four, five and six optimizes agility inside of CNC machines.

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