CMM Laser Scanner Measures Workpiece Surfaces and Features

June 15, 2015

Nikon Metrology CMM Laser Scanner

Nikon Metrology, Brighton, MI, introduces its latest CMM laser scanner, the InSight L100, touted as offering the ultimate combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. Suited for surface and feature measurement, even on shiny or multi-material parts, the Insight L100 delivers accurate data and insightful part-to-CAD comparison reports. It’s ideal for inspecting large components where productivity is key but without having to compromise on accuracy. The CMM provides a 100-mm-wide field-of-view (FOV) and data acquisition at 200,000 points/sec.

To facilitate manual scan-path programming, the InSight L100 features a new full-FOV projector. By ensuring that the scan line falls within the projected FOV, the user can be sure to obtain good part coverage. The Nikon lens, optimized for laser scanning, combines with a high-definition camera for a point resolution of 42 μm, enabling fine detail capture and measurement of sharp edges.

Nikon Metrology’s fourth-generation enhanced scanner-performance technology adapts laser intensity for each point in the scan line to varying colors or materials. This enables the scanner to efficiently digitize multi-material assemblies or shiny surfaces without the need for cumbersome surface treatment.

Nikon Metrology:

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