Chillers Prolong Resistance-Welding Electrode Life, Reduce Operating Costs

February 14, 2014

DuraChill chillers PolySciencePolyScience, Niles, IL, offers a line of portable DuraChill chillers that provide predictable and uniform cooling of resistance-welding electrodes and electrode holders. The units, designed to eliminate the cost, temperature fluctuations and scaling encountered when cooling with city or well water, will maintain proper heat balance to help prolong electrode life and improve weld quality and uniformity.

Available in air- and water-cooled models, DuraChill chillers have cooling capacities from 5.2 to 10.5 kW at an ambient temperature of 68 F. Models rated 1.5, 2 and 3 hp feature a 41-to-96 F temperature range and maintain temperature within ±0.9 F; larger 5-, 7.5- and 10-hp models maintain temperatures from 32 to 86 F, ±2.0 F.

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