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Bi-Directional Folding Machines in Action

October 1, 2019

RAS Systems LLC
Booth A4961

RAS Systems showcases its metal-folding technology, with a number of bi-directional folding machines in operation. Included is the fully automated model 79.26-2 Multibend-Center Eco, with a capacity of 100 in. by 14 gauge. Also operating at the booth, the semi-automated model 78.33-2 UpDownCenter (pictured), featuring an automatic tool changer and with a capacity of 125.9 in. by 11 gauge; and the semi-automated model 71.30 XLTbend, featuring a hybrid gauging system and a capacity of 125.9 in. by 11 gauge.

All machines are programmed with one-click Office software for automatic program creation.

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