Automated Welding Redefined

August 19, 2015

Fronius arc welding current sourceFronius has launched a new arc-welding current source, the TPS/i Robotics, specially tailored to the demands of robot-aided welding. Thanks to integrated, optimally coordinated system components, the unit enables robots to carry out welding quickly and with a high level of repeatability.

The power source boasts a digital system architecture and innovative communication technology to determine and deal with influencing factors relevant to the welding process, with high resolution and fast reaction times. This, say company officials, results in a particularly stable arc and optimal welding results.

Use the power supply to provide a modified dip-transfer arc (dubbed LSC, or low-spatter control) or a modified pulsed arc (PMC, or pulse multi control). In these modes, a penetration stabilizer adjusts wire-feed speed to ensure that penetration remains constant even in the event of wire-stickout fluctuations. And, an arc-length stabilizer ensures optimum arc length should arc geometry change (due to a change in the seam configuration) or weld-pool temperature fluctuate.

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