Add Centrifugal Force to the Arc-Welding Process

May 19, 2015

Weld RevolutionWeld Revolution, Spring, TX, introduces the MA-400 air-cooled, machine-torch welding system--a 400-A 100-percent-duty SpinArc welding torch, control box and control cables. The torch connects directly to all existing wire feeders and power sources for a quick upgrade.

The patented torch rotates the welding wire in a conical shape. Centrifugal force detaches the molten droplets and propels the weldmetal angularly, creating a consistent and sound weld bead. The speed and diameter of rotation are adjustable for different applications. Out-of-position welding is made possible by the surface tension created by the high-speed rotation, resulting in a phenomenon that holds the puddle in the joint.

The system employs solid, metal-cored or flux-cored welding wires from 0.035- to 1/16-in. dia. Use it to realize productivity and quality gains when making narrow-groove welds, pipe welds, clad overlays, high-speed fillet welds, etc. The rotation reportedly produces exceptional sidewall fusion, allowing narrow grooves to minimize welding time and materials. In many cases, the weld joint can be modified to reduce or eliminate beveling.

Weld Revolution:
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