Servo-Electric Press Brake

July 1, 2012

Prima Power, Arlington Heights, IL, introduces the eP-Series press brake, a fast, accurate, nonhydraulic bending solution boasting the firm’s Electro CNC control and servo-electric drive system. A pulley-belt system distributes bending force over the entire bending length, avoiding upper-tool deformation. Programming includes automatic bend sequencing, and is performed using a 17-in. touchscreen with an intuitive 2D graphical interface. And, to enable offline programming, the control is equipped with interactive 3D visualization graphics. A Lazer Safe block laser safety system provides high-speed—and safe—closing down to just 2 mm. Compared with other guarding systems, the block laser system reportedly can save as much as 2 sec./cycle.

The machine’s rigid O-frame eliminates horizontal deflection and allows backgauge positioning over the entire working length. Linear scales are mounted on independent sideframes and guarantee ram positioning accuracy of ±0.005 mm.

Prima Power North America: 847/952-8500;
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