Materialise Dental Module Automates 3D Printing Prep for Dental Labs

September 23, 2021

Materialise-Dental-ModuleMaterialise has introduced the Dental Module for its Magics software, designed to enable dental labs to fully optimize and automate their 3D printing preparation workflow for dental applications. With dentistry becoming more digitalized, according to company officials, the module provides dental labs with simple-to-use tools required to ensure a scalable 3D printing process, and offers unique and automatic printing preparation for common 3D-printed dental applications such as crowns, bridges and partial bases. 

The new Dental Module is an add-on to the Magics software platform, which offers a range of features that allow users to fix, repair and edit their 3D files before printing. After uploading dental CAD designs to the platform, the user simply clicks a button, and the software reportedly automates all the required printing preparation steps, such as labeling, nesting and generating support structures. Tasks that could take hours to complete manually are finalized within a couple of minutes, claim company officials, who note that the module also provides advanced control over processing steps through customizable processing profiles. With Magics, users can further refine automatically generated results or process applications not supported by the Dental Module in a tailored manner, if necessary.

“3D printing has become well established within dentistry,” says Volker Schillen, market innovation manager at Materialise. “Today, many dental labs have their own printers and create custom parts for dental restoration daily. Their next goal: optimizing the workflow so that dental specialists can reduce the amount of time spent manually preparing designs to be printed. With automated tools, specialists can instead use this time on other valuable responsibilities, such as meeting with patients.” 

Materialise offers a free webinar on October 14 to demonstrate capabilities of the Dental Module. 

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