Alumitech—Cutting, Forming and Joining Aluminum—Secrets to Success

August 30, 2017, in Cleveland, OH

Aluminum increasingly is becoming the material of choice, not only for automakers but in other industries as well, thanks to its relative strength and environmental advantages. In the automotive industry, Ducker Worldwide forecast that by 2025 aluminum will comprise more than 75 percent of pickup-truck body parts, 24 percent of large sedans, 22 percent of SUVs and 18 percent of minivan body and closure parts.

However, aluminum, with its high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, low melting point and stubborn oxide layer, can prove challenging to cut, form and weld. Join us for this full day of presentations to discover the best practices metalformers and fabricators need to successfully cut, form and weld aluminum sheet and plate. We'll address topics such as lubrication, tooling specification, and welding procedures and techniques.