3D Printing for Jigs, Fixtures & Prototypes

What metalformers and fabricators need to know

September 7, 2017, in Cleveland, OH

Manufacturers of all types and sizes are readily adopting 3D printing technology to improve their jig, fixture and prototype production operations. 3D printing allows you to customize end-of-arm and workholding tooling and devices, test-fixture components and more. Unlike conventional manufacturing processes, 3D printing handles design complexity with ease, and without adding cost or time. And, the flexibility of 3D printing allows metalformers and fabricators to readily optimize their products to perform specific tasks.

Join us for this informative full day of presentations to discover how 3D printing is being used in metalforming and fabricating operations, and come away with a deep understanding of the various types of printing processes, materials and techniques you can use today to improve your design and production of jigs, fixtures and prototypes.






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