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 Optimized Production
on One or Many Machines
With machine setup and tool mon- itoring now automated and stream- lined, turret punch presses spend more time producing good parts rather than sitting idle or churning out scrap. But there’s more. Today’s machines can be monitored accurately and easily, enabling management to better plan production.
“We walk into fabrication shops and ask what the production rate is on a turret punch press,” explains Angel. “The user will look at cycle times and decide that a particular machine is in use 85 percent of the time. But in reality that machine is producing parts 20 to 25 percent of the time. Users just don’t seem to have a handle on it.”
Numbers don’t lie, and new-genera- tion machines provide the ability to accurately gauge machine productivity.
“Software can analyze information from the machine control, such as
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when it’s running, when it’s off, and when alarms occurred and why, then crunch those numbers to create useful, manageable data,” Angel says, detailing one such system, Muratec’s Process- Net. “Management can track that and analyze trends over weeks and months, or identify the common alarms, and from that then target areas for pro- duction improvement. Or, a snapshot
can indicate what machines are down and why.
“With an accurate understanding of production levels, manufacturers can better determine capacity needs,” he continues. “If a company runs a number of turret presses, it can meas- ure productivity across all of them and perhaps undertake load balancing to improve productivity.” MF

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