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Turret Punch Presses
  This screenshot shows process time, standby time and alarm time on a particular machine, allowing management to develop a plan to target problem areas and improve production levels.
be scheduled and automatically down- loaded to the press. Previously, a lack of machine memory would have meant deleting each program before a new one could be added, with no abil- ity for automatic scheduling. Now, when one job ends, the next can start right up.”
Beyond minimizing time needed for setup, the ability to automatically pro- gram a turret punch press and place job, part and tool information directly in front of the operator reduces the likelihood of errors.
Turret punch presses today also benefit from the ability to closely mon- itor tooling. For older machines, “users did not always know the condition of tools,” Angel says. “Machines would run until bad parts were produced, then the tooling would be checked. Today, automated tool monitoring tracks the hit counts on punches and dies, and during scheduled mainte- nance periods, the tooling can be checked and sharpened if need be.”
feeding tool info, material, work-order information and more, all of which can be quickly accessed by operators.
“In the past, operators had to look at the setup sheets and compare those to the tools in the machine,” says Angel. “That is prone to error...and if something was missed during setup, the machine would produce bad parts. Now, the software tells operators, via
an interface, what tools must be changed, and keeps track of what tools are in the turret. With this type of sys- tem, whenever operators change a tool, they press a button to send that information to the turret layout resid- ing in the machine control. This elim- inates the need to search for the cor- rect tools. Tooling can be set for one program, or multiple programs can
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up and running.
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