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 changer and available with 3 or 5 hp, can be programmed to select and maintain speeds to optimize abrasive performance.
The 3M Active Compliant Force Tool gives the ready2_grind its “human touch,” attaching to the robot arm and allowing the Servo Rotary Tool and abrasive to maintain contact with the workpiece sur- face at a specific force or pressure. The system also includes the 3M Abrasive Starter Kit, with four options for grinding carbon or stainless steel.
With the system, users also receive two days of 3M application engineering support to provide proof of concept and abrasive-process recommendations, access to the 3M Customer Abrasives Methods Center-Robotics Lab, and on-call service provided by Kuka.
Kuka Robotics:
Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets
Among a wealth of new products high- lighted by Lincoln Electric at FABTECH,
Viking 2450- and 3350-series auto-dark- ening welding helmets. The profession- al-grade helmets feature advanced 4C optics, innovative headgear to improve comfort and a low-profile external grind button to increase productivity.
The helmets’ new, unique X6 headgear contours to an operator’s head, evenly distributing weight across six key contact
points. This improves balance, eliminates pressure points and provides a person- alized fit for maximum comfort, according to Lincoln Electric officials.
The addition of the new external grind button allows an operator to switch quickly between weld to grind mode without having to remove the helmet or gloves. The auto-darkening lenses on these hel-
mets offer 1/1/1/1 optical clarity, and 12.5- and 9.3-sq.-in. viewing areas. The lenses provide broadened color ranges and hues that can be seen in both light and dark states. This eliminates imper- fections and color saturation to create a clear view of the base material, arc and puddle while reducing eyestrain.
Lincoln Electric:
Fabrication: News & Technology
    Vibro Transporters
Vibro Breezes Material Through Cramped Workplaces
Model 850
Model 450
Model 320
Model 250
Global Distribution
Oslo, Norway
The Vibro Model 450 Transporter has been the premier time-tested choice for over 30 years for its superiority in safety and efficiency. Due to its compact design, the 450 can move material in tight, cramped spaces where conventional belt conveyors just won't fit. Additionally, operating on only 0.4 cfm it can handle upwards of 125 pounds of material. These qualities make the Model 450 the clear, inexpensive alternative to conventional material handling systems that typically waste more energy than it takes to operate a
Vibro Transporter.
All Vibro models are made in the USA, are in stock, and are backed by a renewable two year warranty. This means that, when time eventually does take a toll, the Transporter can be completely rebuilt and re-issued with another warranty for two more years!
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