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 Fabrication: News & Technology
High-Speed Fiber Laser Cutting
At FABTECH 2019, Amada America unveiled the Regius 3015 AJ 9-kW linear fiber laser cutting system, featuring a high-speed, three-axis linear drive (reportedly the world’s fastest) as well as new beam-processing technology. Debuting in North America and designed for autonomous operation, the system includes lens monitoring and collision recovery, as well as automatic head recovery, nozzle change and centering.
Rack Stores Frequently Used Shop Tools
Guardair Corp. has debuted the Quick- Select tool rack for organizing frequently used shop tools and keeping them within easy reach. Made from heavy-duty alu- minum, the rack features an array of slots and holes sized to accommodate the most popular tools, including L wrenches, dead-blow hammers, screwdrivers and
  The system, exhibiting a 14-percent improvement in productivity as compared to Amada’s FOL 3015 system, provides a monitor embedded in the front partition that enables a clear view of laser-cutting action. An Amada innovation included on the Regius 3015 AJ, INozzle Checker provides constant, visual laser beam condition monitoring to enable automatic focus adjustment, thus reducing processing defects due to defocusing. The system also detects cutting failure and provides automatic collision recovery.
Amada America:
Predictive-Maintenance Waterjet Pumps
Hypertherm debuted its HyPrecision Predictive series of predictive-maintenance waterjet pumps at FABTECH, with the pumps able to reduce substantially the maintenance costs and disruption caused by
non-planned service, according
to company officials.
The new generation of
pumps feature Hypertherm’s
Advanced Intensifier technology
and new, patented technologies
such as closed-loop proportional
pressure control that adjusts
for pressure and temperature,
oil viscosity, and hydraulic-sys-
tem wear parts. Technology
incorporated in the pumps report-
edly enable users to use seals as much
as 40 percent longer than with preceding pumps.
Also, the HyPrecision Predictive pumps are designed
with ease of service in mind, featuring a color-coded junction box,
electrical-cable harnesses, quick-disconnect fittings, and an easy-access bleed-down valve. A clear window cover lets the operator see the intensifier and attenuator. Optional electrical interlocks prevent unauthorized access and can automatically stop the pump when opened. And, Hypertherm’s Seal Maintenance technology helps keep the top deck and shop floor free of oil and water, according to Hypertherm officials. Hypertherm:
safety air guns. Also featured: a 1.75-in.- dia. hole lined with a plastic bushing for storing sensitive instruments such as tool holders or gauges.
The QuickSelect, with a slim profile (12 by 5 by 3 in.) that minimizes intrusion into active workspaces, is available in two versions—with eight holes for custom mounting, or with dual, high-strength mag- nets for simple mounting on steel surfaces. Guardair Corp.:
Automated Weld- Grinding System
At FABTECH, Kuka Robotics displayed ready2_grind, an automated weld-grinding system combining Kuka and 3M tech- nologies. The system includes a six-axis Kuka KR 60 robot with control panel, 3M grinding components and abrasives, critical hardware and software, and the support of 3M and Kuka system integrators. The preconfigured automated weld-grinding system features a 3M Servo Rotary Tool, the motor that spins the abrasive discs. The tool, featuring and automatic tool
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