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   Today’s fabricating technology promises the ability to produce high-quality components job after job, in a variety of applications. And, in each issue, MetalForming is committed to informing you on how fabrication equipment delivers.
In December, we look at how new equipment helped two Midwest fabricators keep pace with part- variety and challenges stemming from growth. For one of these companies, it was a hybrid press brake, for the other, an automated panel bender. The results for both included reduced lead times and increased on-time delivery rates and sales. This month we also bring you three sawing tips, because as one of our experts says, “If it’s wrong at the saw, you spend the rest of your time trying to fix it.”
In addition, MetalForming’s Welding Well shows you how to optimize arc-weld quality by selecting the right shielding gas.
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26 New Business Calls for New Press Brake
28 One-StopShopAdds Automated Panel Bender
30 Three Sawing Tips:
Mind the Material, Production Needs and Blade
32 GettingtheMostfrom Your Weld-Shielding Gas
News & Technology
Virtual Robot-System Design
The ABB RobotStudio, which ABB Robotics showcased at FABTECH, allows programming to be performed on a computer without disturbing existing production. With the com- puter-based programming system, integrators can communicate better with customers and involve them closely through all phases of robot integration, from design through commissioning, according to ABB officials, resulting in more quickly designed systems and higher productivity.
RobotStudio is built on the ABB Virtual Controller, an exact copy of the real software that runs robots in production. This reportedly ensures that everything in the virtual world works exactly how it will in the real world, by using real robot programs and con- figuration files identical to those used on the shop floor. RobotStudio features realistic graphics that display accurate tooling, movements and throughput. Designing via the computer-based system provides the ability to verify tooling, cycle times, work envelopes and product throughput before any construction begins.
Users quickly and easily can test multiple configurations on a PC, according to ABB officials. New products can be added to existing lines in the virtual programming environment without disturbing existing production. By lowering the barriers to robotic integration through ease of programming, customers and integrators both see reduced costs and faster times to market, say ABB officials.
RobotStudio features are split into Basic and Premium functionality. The Basic functionality can be used free of charge whereas the Premium functionality requires a paid subscription. CAD converters and PowerPacs require separate subscriptions. ABB RobotStuido:
Tube and Pipe Trade Far Set for Germany in March
From March 30 to April 3, 2020, the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany, again will host the International Wire and Cable Trade Fair and the International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair. These international trade fairs are expected to feature 2600 exhibitors from 70 countries and attract more than 71,000 visitors from all over the world.
In exhibition halls 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.0 and 7a, Tube 2020 will present the complete tube-industry process chain. Its extensive portfolio ranges from machinery and equipment for tube manufacturing, forming and processing, to raw materials, tubes and accessories, second-hand machinery, and process-engineering tools, as well as auxiliary products, measuring and control equipment, and testing apparatus. In addition, tube bending and sawing equipment will be featured.
Dusseldorf Tube and Pipe:
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