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Waste-Stream Automation
Combats Worker-Shortage
Many North American metal forming, fabricating and machining plants find them- selves busy these days, according to industrial supply company Grainger. In its 2018 online article, Metalworking Today: Three Trends to Watch, Grainger claimed that the combination of a healthy construction market and a solid economy are keeping work pipelines flowing and bottom lines strong for metal working operations.
But even the biggest business boom can bring its own set of unique chal- lenges. For its most recent annual Met- alworking Industry Report, Grainger collected hundreds of online surveys from key stakeholders who shared their perceptions of prevailing business con- ditions, identified their biggest chal- lenges and described changes that are impacting individual companies within the industry. According to the Grainger report, 59 percent of metal working firms report a difficult time finding and retaining qualified employees, and 45 percent struggle with competency lev- els in their workforces.
Lift, a developer of advanced light-
Mike Hook is sales and marketing direc- tor for Prab, Kalamazoo, MI; 888/324- 2576;
weight materials-manufacturing tech- nologies, reported similar findings in its own 2018 online article, Help (Still) Wanted: Manufacturers Struggle to Fill Open Jobs. Lift cited a Plant Services
magazine survey of more than 270 readers who were asked about their organizations’ biggest workforce chal- lenges. More than 70 percent reported that finding skilled workers to fill open
Besides addressing staffing issues, automating scrap handling, fluid recycling and water treatment directly benefits the bottom line.
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Automated stamping-scrap handling, such as the incorporation of a scrap load-out sys- tem as shown here, eliminates manual handling and its inherent safety and productivity risks, while optimizing monetary returns on recycling. And, it frees employees for other needed tasks.

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