Page 25 - MetalForming December 2019
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“A 1/2" part took 2 hours 43 minutes to cut on our 4kW CO2 laser. Now, it’s cut on the ENSIS in 33 minutes.”
— Guy Schiefelbein
Five-Man Shop.
Two BIG Advantages.
                          declares Guy Schiefelbein, President of All-Fab Inc. in Milton, Wisconsin. All-Fab’s latest investments in AMADA technology, a 9kW                       
• 9kW ENSIS Fiber Laser Cutting System:
           rials and thicknesses; thin-to-thick stainless, thin-to-thick         ables All-Fab to cut all of these materials without a lens           hours a day. Previously, All-Fab was achieving a 16-second    3                     
• HG 2204 High-Speed, High-Precision Press Brake: An innovative drive system combines fast cycle times with                                                        
(Above) ENSIS Technology in-                           

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