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                Press Controls
   increases the efficiency of complex forming operations and reduces sec- ondary operations. Unlike servo-driven mechanical presses, according to com- pany officials, a servohydraulic press with I-Press can deliver as much as 100 percent of press tonnage at any point in the stroke, with users given the abil- ity to program dwell time at the bottom of the stroke prior to decompression and upstroke return to TDC.
The I-Press multipoint job-setup screen features a slider-bar function— users can drag it to a setpoint, or tap to enter numeric values for all approach,
dwell and return motions. With the I- Press AB Hydro control, along with servo-driven pumps and the multipoint edit screen, users can optimize motion, pressure and position curves to opti- mize part output and die life. Remotely monitor and troubleshoot by connect- ing the control to mobile devices. Sutherland Presses:
Easily Installed Ergonomic Touch Buttons
For use wherever ergonomic touch buttons would be deployed, or to replace mechanical buttons, Cieco offers its Saf-T-Touch ergonomic safety touch buttons. The buttons, opera- tional with gloved hands, reduce the chances of carpel tunnel syndrome and fatigue in repetitive operations via ergonomic no-force actuation. Diverse dual-sensing technology prevents inad- vertent actuation from false triggering sources, and redundant processors with dual monitored outputs provide
control-reliable operation. For trou- ble-free performance, the buttons fea- ture electromagnetic compatibility, meaning superior noise immunity from external radiated and conducted noise, according to company officials.
Installation is simple, with indus- try-standard 30.5-mm-hole mounting and pluggable terminals to simplify wiring. Indicators provide for simple troubleshooting and output status, and solid-state terminals eliminate the need to replace buttons due to worn relays. Cieco Inc.:
Enhanced Servomechanical Press Operation
The combination of Stamtec’s ser- vomechanical-press offerings and con- trols enables virtually an unlimited number of stroke and slide-movement profiles, while supplying full working energy even at slow speeds/dwells. Controls specifically designed for ser- vomechanical presses feature user- friendly interfaces, and given the stroke and slide-movement flexibility, enable users to perform a variety of jobs— drawing, restrike, warm forming, etc.— in one press. Stamtec can custom-sup- ply unique profiles, while customized motion curves allow as many as 20 var- ious segments in a cycle curve, defined by segment position, speed and pause- duration parameters.
The controls can incorporate automation and feed applications, and enable automatic slide adjustment and die-height auto-correction. Other fea- tures include 100-job storage, pulse generator wheel for die try-out, Eth- ernet link and incorporation of task- assignment software.
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