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 separate pieces of equipment together, the TLC uses a single control for the entire press line, easing line operation and troubleshooting. With this setup, note company officials, users only have one set of electrical drawings, one con- trol processor and one operator screen, from a single provider.
Using standard off-the-shelf PLC hardware, the Maximizer TLC can incorporate Ethernet, RFID, employ- ee-card readers and other technologies. Typical TLC features include press con- trol, die protection, tonnage monitor- ing, PLS, job recipes, and shut-height
and counterbalance control as well as enhanced line diagnostics. As a whole- line control, it also provides servo-feed, loop, straightener, uncoiler and coil- car control.
Toledo Integrated Systems:
Custom Mechanical-Press Controls
Link Systems provides a host of con- trol options for various press types. The custom-engineered OmniLink Sys- tem 5100-MPC controls mechanical- press motors, clutch/brake systems, auxiliary equipment, automation sequences and interfaces, and also pro- vides die protection. The integrated control employs the OmniLink 805 operator terminal, System 5100 card rack, 5000 resolver/ encoder, and optional System 5100 components with disconnects, transformers, motor con- trols and pneumatic components. Fea- tures include 100-job storage, four stan- dard counters, multiple stroking
modes, intelligent diagnostics and automatic top-stop compensation. Options include PLS, tonnage moni- toring, feed communication and analog speed control.
Link Systems:
Control Optimizes Performance of Servo-Driven Hydraulic Presses
Having fully integrated servo drives into its press offerings, Sutherland Presses also has addressed servo-press control via I-Press software-based con- trols and touchscreen displays. Its I- Press Hydro for servo-driven hydraulic presses features a 10-in. HD color touchscreen, real-time status readouts, 200-plus-job memory and 16 die mon- itors as well as 130 separate function monitors.
With the I-Press AB Hydro control, and starting and ending at top-dead center (TDC), the servo drive allows for as many as three rapid and four slow pressing speeds, a capability that
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