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Press Controls—
What’s New?
Plenty. The latest offerings promise oversight of presses, feeds and other line equipment; make servo-driven presses even more capable; provide networking; and more.
As stamping presses continue evolving, so, too, do systems charged with controlling them. From major drive controls to products easing operator tasks, we present an overview of what’s out there. The online version of this article, at www.metal-, also supplies links to recent MetalForming articles describing other introductions, includ- ing the SmartPac Pro press automation controller from Wintriss Controls, the DSF-series servo press control from Aida America, and the RMC75E two-axis con- troller from Delta Computer Systems.
Configurable Controls
for Press-Line Applications
HelmPak press controls from Helm Instrument Co. can be configured for applications ranging from simple clutch/brake control to transfer line control. Given the open architecture of a PLC system, the company’s engi- neers can design and build controls requiring less operator involvement and enabling an array of automatic setup procedures while providing feed- back information for production analy- sis and reporting, according to com- pany officials. System capabilities include redundant clutch/brake con- trol as well as main-motor, lubrication and transfer control. In addition, the HelmPak provides tonnage monitoring,
brake and die monitoring, signature analysis, and shut-height and coun- terbalance control. Other features: servo-feed interface, Ethernet connec- tivity, and expandable I/O configura- tions for integrating auxiliary machine control. System configuration begins with standard Allen-Bradley processors and I/O modules for basic functional- ity, with automation added via Helm specialty I/O modules for various plat- forms. Interactive touchscreens enable simplified setup and operation.
Helm Instrument Co.:
Drive and Control Technology, Plus Line Integration for Servomechanical Presses
Nidec Minster’s FX2-series servo- driven mechanical presses incorporate
advanced drive and control technology, including a large intuitive operator interface incorporating the press- builder’s Production Management Con- trol (PMC) programming, and com- plete integration with coil-line components.
In addition to liquid-cooled drives and unique energy-management sys- tems, Siemens also provides the FX2s with technology that helps power Nidec Minster’s control. As a result, the series features user-friendly programmable motion profiles for manufacturing flex- ibility as well as a multitude of profile shapes. All motion profiles afford users full torque and energy at lower speeds.
Control technology takes into account press parameters, forming processes and drive-train information, and optimizes values to provide tra- versing profiles with smooth, flowing transitions. This protects tools and pre- vents excessive power or torque peaks. Nidec Minster:
Control Press and Entire Feed Line
Toledo Integrated Systems, having increased the capabilities of its Maxi- mizer product line for the past two decades, now offers the Maximizer TLC ( Total Line Control) with controls not only for the press but also for the entire feed line. Instead of interlocking two
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