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    Today’s fabricating technology promises the ability to produce high-quality components job after job, in a variety of applications. And, in each issue, MetalForming is committed to informing you on how fabrication equipment delivers.
This month, see how automating tool maintenance and inventory pays off for punching machines. Also, we detail how laser cutting technology delivers higher productivity and improved cut edges for a home décor fabricator.
MetalForming’s Welding Well column again tackles seam welding, digging deeper into what fabricators must know about machine parameters and controls for ensuring consistent, continuous welds. And, find out what types of conveyors work best in a variety of scrap-handling applications.
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28 AutomatedToolMonitoring,
Storage Combat Punching-
Machine Downtime
Equipment that ’has your 6’ goes a long way toward reliable, economical operation, without the headaches of unplanned machine stoppage.
30 Moving Matters: What to Consider When Selecting Metal Scrap Conveyors
Two experts discuss types, characteristics and how the right conveyor can improve overall operations.
35 Commentary: Welding Well
Addressing Limiting Factors for Continuous Seam Welding—Part Two Robert K. Cohen
38 Lasers Cut It for Home Décor Leader
To keep up with soaring customer demand, this maker of fabricated wall art finds lasers to be the answer.
News & Technology
 26 MetalForming/March 2019
New: Bandsaw for Miter and Cut-To-Length Work
Kasto has introduced a new range of saws with the KastoMiwin, a double-miter bandsaw for cut-to-length and miter cuts between -45 and +60 deg. Initially available as the semiautomatic KastoMiwin U 4.6 and the automatic A 4.6 version, it is designed particularly for cut-to-size pieces in the steel industry, the iron and steel trade, plant construction and special machine building.
The new saw features an electrical saw-feed drive with ball-screw spindle. In the A- version, a rack-and-pinion drive provides material feed, with a single stroke of 3000 mm. Inaccuracies in cut lengths are countered by skilful placement of the vice, according to company officials, which fixes the material at right angles to the materi- al-flow direction in all cases. Thus operators reportedly can acheive miter and cut- length accuracies in the ‘fine’ tolerance class.
The clamping range of the new bandsaw reaches 460 mm depending on the material profile, with the smallest cuttable size measuring 10 by 10 mm. With single cuts, the KastoMiwin leaves a remnant piece of 30 mm. In automatic mode, the remnant piece length increases to 200 mm for 90-deg. cuts. Users can adjust cutting speed steplessly from 12 to 150 m/min.
Premium Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet
Lincoln Electric has launched Born To Weld, a new helmet in its Viking 3350 series. The helmet features artwork that starts with military camouflage and overlays it with various welding references.
Born To Weld boasts 4C lens technology that reportedly eliminates blur, distortion and eye strain by reducing color saturation in the liquid crystal display while also providing a consistent shade at any angle. The 4C technology scores a perfect 1/1/1/1 rating on the EN 379 auto-darkening- lens quality standard. The 12.5-sq.-in. auto-darkening viewing area is one of the largest for this product type, according to Lincoln Electric officials, making it ideal for applications that use multiple welding processes.
Lincoln Electric:

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