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 Lubrication Technology for Metalformers
Consistent Lube Application— Looking Critically at Your Application, and How You Can Uncover Shortcomings in Your Processes
This presentation focuses on the use of lubrication in various metal- forming processes, discussing both the importance of lubricant and why it can be a costly item to overlook. From fluid selection to the way it is applied, there’s great room for improvement. Two met- alforming case studies will be reviewed and discussed.
Mark Cooper, Director of International Sales, and Kyle Billin, Regional Sales Manager, Unist, Inc.
Lubricants for the Toolroom
This presentation focuses on machin- ing coolants used to manufacture dies and tool sets. Die manufacturing involves machining hard alloys that present unique challenges. The lubri- cation chemistry behind selecting the proper metalworking fluids for diffi- cult-to-machine high-hardness and
high-nickel alloys will be covered, as will environmental and workplace concerns related to grinding carbide, EDM fluids and rust preventives for die storage.
Rick Butler, R&D Manager, DuBois Chemicals
Solvent Cleaning—It’s Not Your Father’s Solvent-Cleaning Process Anymore
Selecting the right solvent technol- ogy and equipment remains more chal- lenging than ever. This talk addresses best practices for selection, while con- trasting the benefits and unique char- acteristics of the many options avail- able to manufacturing operations that prefer solvent cleaning. Also on the agenda: performance and EH&S requirements.
Tom Forsythe, Executive Vice President, Kyzen
Parts-Cleaning Fundamentals— Importance of Cleaning and Rinsing
This presentation discusses various mechanical and chemical cleaning
technologies, enabling managers to make intelligent decisions in the selec- tion, design, installation and upgrade of cleaning systems. Topics include soils, substrates, cleaners, rinsing and drying, and the means to verify clean- ing and rinsing effectiveness, as well as process automation, safety, trou- bleshooting and preventive mainte- nance of process equipment.
Suresh Patel, Sales Director, Chemetall US, Inc. MF
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