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     Premium Forming Lubricants
Our Product Lines Are
Safe & Environmentally Responsible
TOWERPRO products offer premium performance from light-duty to extra heavy-duty metalforming opera- tions. Formulated for long lasting stable emulsions, this product line is formulated to provide “extreme” pressure characteristics and improve wetting of metal surfaces. You can’t beat it!
KLENEDRAW® products are water soluble, oil-free solutions producing exceptionally clean parts that can even be welded and provide excellent rust protection. Suitable for light-duty and heavy-duty metalforming operations, KLENEDRAW is a synthetic product that will Exceed your Expectations!
“Engineered Solutions Bottom Line Results”
Tube & Pipe
Exceptional “Value”  Increased Tool Life
 Improved Part Quality
 Advanced Technology
 Formulated for Health & Safety First !
    High Performance Metal Working Products
“Pictogram Free” & “Hazard Free” Fluids / 4300 S. Tripp Ave. Chicago, IL 60632 773-927-6161 /

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