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  Fig. 2
N-value relates to the slope of the stress-strain curve before uniform elongation and ultimate tensile strength are reached. Basically, a higher-sloped curve indicates a greater increase in strength for each additional amount of defor- mation (Fig. 2).
The curve from yield strength to tensile strength does not form a straight line. The slope of the stress-strain curve levels off as force is applied, eventually approaching zero at the ultimate tensile strength.
This tells us that if we are going to report the slope of
this curve—the n-value—then we also must report the range of data used to determine the slope. When you receive a metal cert, the range over which n-value is calculated must be included in order for it to comply with ASTM standards. Many end-users also require range reporting.
An interesting behavioral difference between some steel and aluminum alloys: The more formable grades of each have uniform-elongation values of around 25 percent. Most of these steel alloys exhibit increased duc- tility after necking but prior to fracture, resulting in a total elongation approaching 50 percent.
In contrast, post-uniform ductility in aluminum alloys only increases a few percentage points, leading to total- elongation values of around 30 percent. That’s why you may have noticed little wiggle room between when an
aluminum stamping starts to neck and when the part cracks. When it comes to sheetmetal stampings, fracture comes after failure. A stamped part fails when a neck first forms. Uniform elongation and n-value can be used to determine how the sheetmetal contributes to that failure. MF Learn about evaluating your organization and developing best practices when Bill Frahm from 4M speaks at PMA’s Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference in Nashville on January 29-30. Visit for details
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The Science of Forming
  Typical Stress-strain Curve
Tensile strength
Uniform Elongation— deformation from beginning of forming through necking
Total Enlongation— deformation from beginning of forming through splitting
Necking begins
      F FFF
Engineering Strain (%)
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