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                  We are PMA
  Lisa Habe President/Chairman
of the Board
IInterlake Industries Inc. Member since 1959
Manufacturing runs through Lisa Habe’s blood, and from the moment her father brought her to her first PMA executive networking group, so, too, does networking.
Following in his footsteps as the president of Interlake Industries Inc., Lisa makes sure to keep a direct connection with her peers to further her industry knowledge, compare experiences and develop valuable contacts.
Through PMA’s executive-level networking groups, Lisa shares best practices, exchanges ideas and learns about emerging industry technologies. In addition to executive programming, PMA delivers interactive roundtables and programs for all job functions and titles. From sales and marketing to slideforming, the roundtables offered by PMA address a full range of current topics that members use to enhance their businesses.
Contact Diana Novak, membership sales director, at 216-901-8800 or visit to find out how PMA can help you position your company and your employees for success.
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