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 Rünker, describing reasoning for choos- ing to work with B+S for this new line.
Evenness a Must
A key requirement of MH Germany, where cold-rolled, wrought-aluminum alloys are cut to length, was that the new line provide consistently even strips for trouble-free processing down- stream. An unwinder, used to remove the strips from the coil and feed them into a 23-roll leveler, ensures absolute evenness. MH Germany requires a working width of 300 to 1250 mm, as well as a cut length of 300 to 3500 mm and strip thickness between 0.3 and 2.2 mm. Moreover, the cut-to-length line, designed for as many as 40 cuts/min., needed to meet the length and form tolerances according to the DIN EN 485 European standard for alu- minum and aluminum-alloy strips, sheets and plates.
“We manufacture those lines as a tailor-made solution in order to meet the conditions and specifications
onsite,” explains Thomas Baral, man- aging director at B+S. “The system only needs slight technical modifications to handle steel and stainless steel, as well as other metals.”
Improved Machine Availability
“It’s our experience that the leveling unit defines the quality of each indi- vidual system,” says Rünker. “Good, reliable and regular maintenance of the leveling cassettes satisfies our requirements, as it is the only depend- able way to avoid downtime.”
With leveling tools requiring rework from time to time, B+S handles this as an after-sale service at its factory in Siegen, Germany, and guarantees short delivery times if leveling cassettes are replaced.
To facilitate faster cassette inspection and replacement, Schnutz developed quick-change leveling cassettes. “These improve accessibility and, therefore, the maintenance can be reduced,” says Baral. “During maintenance,” he
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