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Best Practices and
Abrasive Options for
Grinding/Surface Finishing
Read on for product options, especially when considering less common alternatives used on thinner materials,
as well as time- and money-saving tips.
While it may seem faster and more convenient to use the handiest tool for a grinding and finishing application, here is a word of advice: don’t. Instead, take time to follow the best practices and abrasive options presented here. Remember, the wrong tool can damage the workpiece, lead to costly rework and reduce product life.
Three Best Practices
Here are three ways to save time and money, while achieving ideal grinding/finishing results:
1) Set sights on desired outcomes when evaluating products for a grind- ing and finishing application. Consider closely the workpiece material type and thickness, operating conditions and surface-finish requirements.
2) Consider material thickness and finish requirements when selecting grit size. For example, coarse, aggressive grits when used on thinner materials
Karen Burke is district sales manager, Weiler Abrasives Group, Cresco, PA; 570/595-7495,
Using the wrong product or grit size for grinding/finishing application are common mis- takes. Selecting the best product for the material type and thickness, and the desired surface finish, can positively impact productivity, costs and the end results.
can damage the workpiece or remove too much material.
3) Ensure proper use of the abrasive product by following the recommended approach angle to the workpiece. An improper angle can affect performance and product wear, resulting in down- time for product changeover or rework. Training helps operators become famil- iar with the best practices for each product.
After considering these common
best practices, get to know some of the lesser-known abrasive products that can provide benefits given the right application.
Three Abrasive Options
The following provide good alter- natives for grinding and finishing, espe- cially on thinner materials:
1) Circular flared-end brushes used on a die grinder can replace manual finishing work in some applications,
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