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   major role in keeping the company moving forward.
“We try to deconstruct two to three trailers per day, and to achieve that level of productivity we need to have the right equipment,” says Hagood. “Our employees like using the Hyper- therm plasma cutters because they require very little maintenance and can perform at the capacity required for this work.”
The long torches and sled accessory pay particular dividends at EcoVet.
“We use a 4-ft.-long torch wand on the sides of the trailer, meaning that no longer do we need ladders or forklifts to lift a worker,” Hagood explains. “Also, we were one of the first U.S. companies to employ the sled accessory, which is placed on the end of the plasma-cutting gun and provides a guide that lets a user just walk along the side of a trailer and cut without the torch tip hitting the alu- minum panel. This accessory provides a good, straight cut and helps us speed the cutting process.”
After deconstruction, employees, includ- ing many veterans, fabricate custom fur- niture pieces in EcoVet’s well-equipped shop. The company strives to maintain a 50-percent-veteran workforce.
Equipment Employed to Its Fullest
Hypertherm and its distributor in Arkansas, Welsco, have spent many days at EcoVet, according to Hagood, keeping the company apprised of new plasma-cutting technologies and new products such as the sled accessory. They also provide EcoVet employees with tips and tricks to get the most out of the equipment.
In turn, the equipment and process- es used by EcoVet are employed to their fullest by the company’s veteran-laden workforce.
“Every day we build something dif- ferent,” says Hagood. “I don’t think we really understand how difficult it is to serve in the military and then come home to an 8-to-5 job. Here, veterans have flexibility, and every day they are creating something new and have a lot of pride in their work. They all have a unique talent, learn quickly and work with very little coaching.” MF
Fabrication: Plasma Cutting
                      After the Sale
Excellence in Service, Support and Training
Dimeco Coil Technologies, Inc.
Family-owned business since 1957, Dimeco is one of the world leaders of coil fed production systems.
But, no need to invest in a productive machinery and opti- mized changeover if down because of lack of support.
Our worldwide presence can’t exist without local service: that’s why we have built a partnership with service specialists.
Pro Services, Inc.
Since 1987, Pro Services has provided customer solutions with world-class skilled trades and pro- duction-maintenance services. We are a learning organization focused on continuous improvement
                        Dimeco customer service has always been our major concern, whatever the location of our machinery. That’s why we have been successful for more than 60 years.
DIMECO Coil Technologies, Inc.
35 East Wacker Dr., Ste. 670 • Chicago, IL 60601
312/868-3916 •
Pro Services, Inc.
8132 Merchant Place • Portage, MI 49002
269/327-2322 •
based on advancing industry technology. We allow our customers to focus on their core competencies while they leave their maintenance details to the pros. We work for you—harder and smarter.
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