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  Fabrication: Plasma Cutting
 and robotic cutting and gouging. Demoliton work at EcoVet begins as crews use the plasma cutters to slice off a trailer roof, and then the walls. From there, they flip over the trailer and, again using the plasma cutters, burn off bolts, allowing wood to fall to the ground. The wood then is cut according to customer needs. The trail- ers supply the majority of metal used in EcoVet’s furniture designs, and the company even employs a sweeper that collects metallic fragments from the deconstruction site to ensure that noth-
ing goes to waste.
“We use every facet of that trailer,
through recycling, reselling or rebuild- ing,” Hagood says. “When we make something it is a piece of art, a one-of- a-kind product using the unique char- acter of the wood—mostly oak—featur- ing marks from forklifts, pallet jacks and even paint. This furniture is something that can be passed to your grandkids because it is unique and is built to last.”
Again, the plasma cutters play a
With a primary mission to recycle, reclaim and reuse, EcoVet assembles products from wood, mostly oak, and metal, mostly aluminum. Otherwise, semi trailers would be shredded and all nonmetal components landfilled.
                      After the Sale
Excellence in Service, Support and Training
Hutchison Tool Sales
In-DieTapping 101 classes are offered several times a year at our manufacturing facility for detailed training of die design, installation and maintenance of the tapping heads for companies that maintain the tapping heads inhouse.
From design to decades of production runs, HutchisonTool is focused on keeping you tapping.
Hutchison Tool
350 Country Club Drive Bensenville, IL 60106 800/332-3230
                        The design and engineering of your tapping die is complete and now in full production. Delivery requirements do not allow for downtime. How will you keep up with your production schedule?
HutchisonTool maintains a large spare-part inventory ready to be shipped for next-day delivery. Our smart-part numbering system and unique bill of materials for each unit allow parts to be easily identified for ease of ordering.
HutchisonTool also offers a preventive maintenance program that can turn around most tapping units in 48 hours.
Scheduled maintenance between 2 and 3 million strokes helps detect early signs of wear before they become bigger issues. Emergency repair of severely damaged units (including special multi-spindle) can be turned around in 2 weeks.
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