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    Today’s fabricating technology promises the ability to produce high-quality components job after job, in a variety of applications. And, in each issue, MetalForming is committed to informing you on how fabrication equipment delivers.
July’s MetalForming reveals how an Arkansas company leverages plasma-cutting technology to deconstruct semi trailers. We also focus on grinding and surface finishing with tips and tricks. Top-notch fabrication content continues online at with two Online Exclusives: One provides an example of how job shops can meet tight delivery schedules while maintaining quality. The other, our monthly Welding Well column, covers challenges when welding stainless steel.
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24 PlasmaCuttersHelpGive New Life to Old Semi Trailers An Arkansas company, with a mission to employ veterans, also aims to repurpose trailer bodies into furniture and other products as an alternative to landfilling.
28 3+3:BestPracticesand Abrasive Options for Grinding/Surface Finishing Read on for product options, especially when considering less common alternatives used on thinner materials, as well as time- and money-saving tips.
Online Exclusives
Achieving Premium Results with Plasma Cutting
Today’s contract fabricators offering plasma cutting must consistently deliver accurately cut parts on time, at competitive prices, with minimal bevel, little or no dross, and weldable cut edges.
Commentary: Welding Well
Addressing Welding Challenges with 400-Series Stainless Steel
Martin Denault
News & Technology
Trumpf Unveils Expanded Training Center
Trumpf Inc. lifted the lid on its expanded training center with a ribbon cutting— more accurately the cutting of a steel band—on June 12 in Farmington, CT. With a $3 million-plus investment, the company signaled its commitment to training and educating sheetmetal-fabrication customers and employees by adding 18,000 sq. ft. to the facility, which now totals 40,000 sq. ft. Upgrades include an interactive lobby, 14 state-of-the-art classrooms as well as two virtual-learning classrooms, an expanded machine floor for hands-on training, and an expanded, brighter cafeteria.
 Guests explore the hands-on-training capabilities at Trumpf’s newly expanded training center in Farmington, CT.
With the expansion, Trumpf now can train 5000 students via 630 training events per year, a boost over the 3000 students that could be trained annually prior to the investment. The hands-on training floor now features 13 machines, including tube lasers, material-handling and -storage systems, and laser, bending and punching equipment.
“Our facility enables us to offer a wider variety of Trumpf machines and courses, to a wider variety of students,” says Christine Benz, the company’s training and development manager.
MetalForming/July 2018
Company officials note that Trumpf offers International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)- and (Connecticut) State Approving Agency (SAA)- certified courses, and is the first and only training center in the machine-tool industry to achieve both IACET and SAA certifications simultaneously. The company also offers a tuition-paid, full-time paid apprenticeship program and is certified to train veterans, who can, at no cost, enroll in courses to earn Continuing Education Units.
Trumpf Inc.:
Off-The-Shelf C-Frame Press and Tooling
Multicyl has debuted its PIB-AB1 package, an off-the-shelf offering of the company’s Press-In-A-Box (PIB) designed for light- to medium-duty punching applications for A and B-series Unipunch C-frame tooling. The package consists of the MC 15-5-9 Multicyl, UN3 C-frame cage and ACP1 foot-pedal control, and is ready to punch with the Unipunch C-frame tooling. While customers have long employed the advantages of Mutlicyl PIBs and Unipunch C-frame tooling separately, this offering represents the first time that these two systems have been brought together in a single off-the-shelf package.
A Multicyl PIB system consists of four simple components; the Multicyl, the cage, air controls and tooling. Detailed information on all standard components is available on the company’s website, as is its interactive Sytematic press-selection tool that walks users through the process of selecting the correct components for their applications.
The PIB-AB1 package reportedly requires only minutes to set up, allowing users to quickly enter it into production.

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