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  Safety Update
Welding Table Stars Source-Capture Fume-Removal System
3M’s new Speedglas 9002NC welding helmet combines the best features of the company’s
Speedglas 9000 helmet
with cutting-edge
This according to a survey by Accountemps.
“Their concerns are not lost on executives,” notes a press
 release from the staffing firm: 54 percent of CFOs acknowledge that their teams are stressed, and 55 percent believe that worker anxiety is rising. Among stress risers noted by survey participants: heavy workloads and looming deadlines (33 percent), attaining work-life balance (22 percent), and unrealistic expectations of managers (22 percent).
"Business is moving faster than ever, and employees can feel the crunch when it comes to imminent deadlines," says Bill Driscoll, a district president for Accountemps. “Workers shouldn't suffer in silence. They can tap internal resources for help or seek advice from their managers to ensure that they meet work expectations, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
“A stressed employee can have detrimental effects on the department or company,” Driscoll adds, “including decreased morale and productivity, and increased burnout and turnover. Managers should look for signs that their staff is overworked, like missed deadlines or excessive overtime—and talk to employees to pinpoint triggers and implement stress-relieving solutions." Accountemps:
Sleek Welding Helmet with Improved Optics
 RoboVent, Sterling Heights, MI, introduces a new, larger version of its popular CrossFlow welding worktable. The all-in- one welding bench and source-capture system provides ample room for a variety of manual welding applications, while keeping dangerous weld fumes out of the breathing zone.
optics and a sleek,
modern look.
Designed with
everyday working
conditions in
mind, it offers a
range of improve-
ments that help
users weld with pre-
cision and accuracy.
Improved optics provide
a lighter, brighter and
more realistic view that
may allow better control of
the weld puddle, and built-in
exhaust vents help reduce lens
fogging. The helmet’s slim profile allows
more freedom of movement when welding
in tight spaces, with improved comfort and an ergonomically designed suspension for a precise fit. The suspension features a smooth ratchet for simple tightening, even while wearing gloves.
The new CrossFlow table features a larger (5-ft.-wide) work surface and new workspace elements. Space under the table provides room for the welding power supply, and LED lighting and a built-in electrical plug for power tools makes the working space simple to use. Units ship fully assembled for easy instal- lation—simply place them on the shop floor and make the required electrical and compressed-air connections.
Included are RoboVent standard features such as Dynamic Pulse filter cleaning and SafeSensor particulate monitoring. RoboVent:
Six in 10 Employees Report Increased Work Stress
More than half (52 percent) of workers say that they are stressed at work on a day-to-day basis, and 60 percent report that work-related pressure has increased in the last 5 yr.
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