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 Tech Update
plus, according to Ridg-U-Rak officials: Product quality has improved as a result of cleaner coolant, with the resultant cleaner machines delivering tighter forming.
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Design Mgr., Miro Manufacturing, Inc.
With regard to tooling cost savings, the full effects of the Auto-Mag Skid are still being monitored but as a result of the cleaner coolant, the tool life is expected to be extended significantly. Previously, Ridg-U-Rak tooling typically lasted for approximately two years. The Auto-Mag Skid has been installed for 18 months with tooling in constant use, and there has been no need to regrind due to the pressure-adhered contamination on the tool profile that was a problem previously, according to Rick Daubert, tooling engineer and tool room supervisor. Operators report- edly are seeing less wear on some of the lines thus far.
Eclipse Magnetics:
Resource Guide
Covers Laser-Cutting
Machines, Materials
The Laser Institute of America (LIA) has published its LIA Guide to High Power Laser Cutting, for students, engineers and scientists. Written by several special- ists, the 136-pg. guide details the features of the CO2 and fiber-laser cutting processes, including basic principles, cutting speeds and cut quality.
Highlights include sections detailing the physics of laser cutting; design and mechanics of a laser-cutting machine; when to use fiber versus CO2 machines; how different materials interact with laser- cutting machines; and practical advice for purchasing a cutting machine. Also included are data tables charting cutting speeds for different materials.
Die design courtesy of Miro Manufacturing, Inc.
View the die simulation (die kinematics) of this die at:

The authors also explain the complex physical and chemical interactions that occur during laser-oxygen cutting, and walk readers through the ways in which process efficiency varies based on laser type and power rating, and on workpiece material and thickness.
Laser Institute of America:

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