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ferrous particulates in the coolant would adhere to the surface of the rolls and build up over time, necessitating replace- ment or resurfacing of the rolls in high- pressure areas.
Those issues have been eliminated with the Auto-Mag Skid system, according to Ridg-U-Rak officials. The unit has a self- contained filtration and fluid recovery arrangement, and is fully automated to minimize fluid loss during cleaning. The system effectively removes magnetic and paramagnetic contamination, down to sub- micron size, from coolants and lubricants.
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The filter holds the contamination col- lected until it is released during the auto- mated purge process, which briefly diverts the filter's purged output so that fluid carries all the contamination to the buffer tank. The buffer tank then feeds contam- inated fluid to the high-intensity magnetic coolant roller, which removes contami- nation from the fluid and places clean fluid back into circulation. The contami- nation is extracted in a form ready for disposal or recycling.
 Ridg-U-Rak has realized cost and time savings since the installation of the Auto- Mag Skid system. Due to effective removal of contaminants, the coolant requires fewer changes. And, the coolant tank only needs to be cleaned once per year. Another

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