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 Experts in Quick Die Change Systems
We do what the others can’t
• Die Carts
• Die Tables
• Clamps
• Roller Bars
• Bolster Extensions
• Complete Custom Engineered Systems
Punch, Flat Bar Shear, Angle Shear, Cope & Notch, we can do it all with Authority...
Featuring two-cylinder/two person operation, allowing the punch and shear end to be operated independently and simultaneously at full capacity and speed.
MM-Series include...
• Punch Press • Flat Bar Shear • Plate Shear • Coper/Notcher• Angle Shear
• Round & Square Shear (Optional)
• Standard models 45 tons to 135 tons
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Shown with Optional Press Brake
100% Made in the USA
Gap-Bed Hydraulic Punch Press...
The GB series is ideal as a dedicated punch press, but easily accepts a wide range of standardaccessoriesandspecial toolingto allow shearing or forming for special jobs.
Double your production
with the DP series...
Back-to-back hydraulic punch presses with a single power source and separate controls.
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