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  Tech Update
Dual-Workstation Multiaxis Laser System
Prima Power Laserdyne, Champlin, MN, has introduced the dual-workstation Laserdyne 606D multiaxis laser-processing system—two completely independent work- stations in a single unitized structure. Its main components: a pair of six-axis motion systems, an integral Class 1 enclosure with dual automated doors, two S94P laser-process controls for motion and laser coordination, and two fiber-laser sources. The workstations offer fast and accurate x-y-z-axis motion to 2000 in./min., with 2 g accel- eration and bi-directional accuracy of 0.0008 in. Graphite-fiber com- posite structures for the linear axes contribute to the system’s
• SmartStop to reduce backwall dam- age during drilling;
3D laser cutting, welding, drilling and texturing of a range of materials. The controllers provide integrated control of the lasers, motion, process gases and process sensors. The newest of these
Robotic-welding facilities now can meet air-quality regulations without losing too much floor space, thanks to the new RoboVent Spire dust collector from RoboVent, Sterling Heights, MI. Spire was specifically designed to complement the most common robotic-welding applications
capabilities, called Smart Techniques, include:
high dynamic accuracy.
Use the machine for precision
Robotic Welding
• SmartShield to provide protection against excessive oxidation in the weld area;
• SmartPierce to minimize spatter and pierce time; and
 • SmartRamp to eliminate the weld indentation at the end of laser welds. Prima Power Laserdyne:
Dust Collector for
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