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     Brian Swanson
Chief Financial Officer of E&E Manufacturing
PMA Member Since 1996
    Brian Swanson, Chief Financial Officer of E&E Manufacturing, believes that success comes from keeping your eye on the horizon. Understanding what is coming next has helped E&E deliver high quality stamped
metal fasteners, progressive die metal stampings and high value added assemblies. Using this strategy has made E&E successful for more than 50 years.
Know what’s coming—that is the key to advocacy, as well. Brian appreciates that once regulations and legislation are in place, they are much harder to change. With the support of advocacy efforts organized through PMA, Brian can be proactive and influence statutes that impact his business. Whether he has his eye on Washington or on the latest industry trends, Brian relies on PMA to keep his sight set on continued success.
Contact Sarah Billman, Sales and Relationship Manager, at 216-901-8800 or visit to find out how PMA can work for you.
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