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  Safety Update
 Dayton Rogers First to Adopt New Press-Brake Safety Setup
Contract manufacturer Dayton Rogers of Minnesota, LLC, recently implemented a new, advanced guarding system on its Amada HDS-model press brake. Developed by Lazer Safe, the new Sentinel Plus press-brake guarding system is designed to safeguard high-speed brakes such as the Amada HDS, which provides a maximum closing speed of 473 in./min. Using advanced camera technology and a rapid response time, the Sentinel Plus allows the HDS to safely operate at its maximum closing speed without any performance restrictions, enabling a speed-change point as low as 2 mm above the pinch point while ensuring that the machine can stop within a safe and monitored overrun-distance limit.
 The system comprises a laser transmitter and high-speed camera receiver fixed to the upper ram with an adjustable mounting bracket. Image processing enables tool-profile detection, automatic tool alignment and high-speed obstruction detection. The small 2-mm resolution of the pro- tective field and rapid response time enable the operator to hold the workpiece close to the tooling while operating the machine at maximum speed.
After a tool change and setup, the machine operator simply presses the tool-align button on the camera receiver. The camera scans the upper tool to determine tool-tip location, and then automatically adjusts the protective zone. If the tool tip is outside of viewing range, visual indicators on the graph- ical user interface help the operator adjust receiver position.
With the tool tip identified, the system employs BendShield technology
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