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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tech Update
New Tool Aligns and Levels Steel Plates
By rotating the unit’s lever to the other side, the Mag Press becomes a beam-press tool that can press 4-6-in. beams in sec- onds. No more pounding, breaking, grind- ing or clamping to remove air gaps—just turn the magnet on and push down on the lever to eliminate gaps.
Magswitch Technology:
Magswitch Tech- nology, Lafayette, CO, a manufacturer of switchable magnets, has introduced a new way to align and level steel plates via the Mag Press with its 1,100 lb. of hold force. Remove highs and lows with ease by plac- ing the magnet on low, prying on high and welding with the other hand. This method allows a user to align two sheets and weld the separate sheets 100 times faster than employing dogs and wedges, according to company officials.
Tube Bender Fit for Industry 4.0
 German manufacturer Schwarze- Robitec has introduced a new high-per- formance control system for tube-bending machines, the NxG 2.0, designed to help fabricators cope with increasingly complex part geometries, new materials and the call for lower unit costs. The controller, des- ignated as “fit for Industry 4.0,” features basic modules that support the gathering and processing of real-time data. Inte-
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