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 Safety Update
that dynamically configures the protective zone so that it envelops the punch tip. This avoids any gaps around or below the tool tip to keep it completely protected. The pro- tective zone provides 2 mm of small- object detection resolution, and senses obstructions entering the hazardous area from any direction. This automated align- ment process takes setup responsibility out
Quick Die Clamping And Changing Systems
MetalForming/May 2016
We can offer a wide range of quick die change solutions for your press. Contact our Hilma engineers to find the system that works best for your needs!
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Gateway Safety has launched a new product catalog including, eye, face, head, hearing, and disposable respiratory pro- tection and accessories. The catalog fea- tures a new layout that makes it simple to find application-driven products for safe- ty-equipment users. Unique product lines, such as Temple Technology products and GirlzGear safety equipment for women, are grouped together in a simple-to-navigate format. Extra resources, including indus- try statistics, user testimonials and prod- uct standard information, are found throughout the catalog.
Gateway Safety:
PMA Safety Conference Set for October
October 26-27, 2016−Save the date for Precision Metalforming Association’s annual Safety Confer- ence in Nashville, TN. Learn about the latest OSHA and safety-related developments at this two-day event. The program includes keynote pre- sentations, track sessions, roundtable discussions and an industry plant tour. Stay tuned for details.
of the operator’s hands and ensures that the protective zone is positioned correct- ly according to tool-tip location.
automatically configures the protective zone according to the overall tool profile. The automatically configured muting point also accounts for staggered die heights to ensure safe operation and eliminate the possibility of a high-speed tool collision.
Many bending operations at Dayton Rogers use multistage tooling with varying tool heights and tool profiles in the same setup. While this could prove challenging with conventional safeguarding solutions, Sentinel Plus scans the upper tools and
Other features include automatic over- run monitoring, which ensures that the machine can, at all times, stop within a pre- defined safety-distance limit whenever a stop command is issued; and AutoSense technology that provides constant auto- matic monitoring of safe speed and over- run, and exceeds the requirements of B11.3-2012 by automatically monitoring machine control commands, operation and performance in real time.
Lazer Safe:
New Safety-Product Catalog
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