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                  PMA works for me.
 Bill and Randy Bennett Co-owners of
Automation Tool & Die PMA Member Since 2002
  Brothers Bill and Randy Bennett, co-owners of Automation Tool & Die, understand that it takes more than a two-person partnership to remain at the forefront of the industry: it takes an entire team. By investing in their most-valuable asset, their dedicated team of employees, Automation Tool & Die has been able to produce high-quality custom tooling solutions and provide value-adding metal stamping services since 1974.
When Bill and Randy made the decision to join PMA, they did so for the benefit of their team. PMA’s member services have strengthened their core-competencies and kept them competitive. The Bennett brothers and their employees have also expanded their national network of professionals by utilizing PMA’s Executive Networking Groups and other information-sharing platforms. By leveraging the opportunities that PMA membership has to offer, Automation Tool & Die’s team has become stronger than ever before.
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