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    quick, we can do this very fast,” says Wigren. “Previously, we needed three to five people working on each system during tryouts to identify and solve problems, and that could sometimes take several weeks. Now, troubleshoot- ing usually is performed very quickly on the computer. Pam-Stamp and other simulations probably save us 25 to 30 percent of cost and time versus no simulation.”
More Accurate Quoting via Sim and Virtual Reality
“We do simulations for all of our quotations,” offers Wigren. “Then, after we have the order, we run more simulations to fine-tune the process and potentially exceed customer expectations.”
As a provider of systems and tools, AP&T also guarantees part dimensions, mechanical properties, crashworthi- ness, regulatory compliance and con- formance to industry standards.
“We make this guarantee if we are assured that we have the correct mate- rials in the right mix,” Wigren explains. “We build the die sets to form cus- tomers’ material to specification, but just to be sure, we cut out a steel blank, heat it to the process’ operating temperature, and physically test its properties.”
This guarantee makes customer buy-in vitally important, for which AP&T uses ESI’s virtual-reality prod- uct, IC.IDO. Virtual-reality technolo- gies such as this connect the digital and physical realms, where parts and processes become animated, 3D rep- resentations.
“The integration of Pam-Stamp and IC.IDO allows us to set up a simulation rapidly in virtual reality,” Wigren says. “With the integration, we can show customers how our die sets work and how we automate hot-forming processes. We use IC.IDO at seminars, tradeshows and customer workshops to show off our production solutions.” MF
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