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  Tech Update
HyCal’s New Continuous Anneal Line a Boon to AHSS, UHSS Production
HyCal’s line reportedly will provide 97- percent prime yield. Steel coming off of the line will be dead flat and will not require post- anneal processing. The timeline: foundations complete, March 2016; equipment onsite, May 2016; installation, October 2016; and initial coil trials, December 2016. Coil width will cover the range from 24 to 48 in., in steel thickness from 0.02 to 0.09 in. Processing capacity: 120,000 tons/yr.
HyCal Corp., Gibral-
tar, MI, a division of
Ferragon Corp., has
begun installing a first-
of-its-kind continuous
anneal line. The line,
developed and built
by Austria-based Ebner
(with U.S. offices in
Wadsworth, OH), will
use an optimized
blend of hydrogen, rather than water, for strip cooling to produce ultra- and advanced- high-strength (UHSS and AHSS) steel grades. It will be North America’s first 100-percent hydrogen continuous annealing line for UHSS and AHSS, and will produce dual-phase, TRIP, martensitic and other grades from 580- to 1700-MPa yield strength.
Network I/O Weldblocks
 The process of hydrogen annealing provides significantly improved prime yield, superior shape and uniform properties across the strip that have proven difficult to achieve consistently with typical water-quench lines. Key to the performance of the new line, expect- ed to begin running in late 2016, is use of an optimized blend of hydrogen—rather than water—for cooling. Water quenching causes steam pockets and off-flat errors (called “pota- to chipping”) that can reduce yields and require post-anneal shape correction.
Balluff, Florence, KY has introduced a new family of network I/O blocks optimized for extremely noisy electrical environ- ments, such as those created by welding. These new Balluff Weldblocks are con- structed with fiberglass-reinforced com- posite (polypropylene sulfide) that inher- ently resists weld spatter while effectively
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