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  Tech Update
Servo-Electric Press Brake
Prima Power, Arlington Heights, IL, introduces the eP-Series press brake, a fast, accurate, nonhydraulic bending solution boasting the firm’s Electro CNC control and servo-electric drive sys- tem. A pulley-belt system distributes bending force over the entire bending length, avoiding upper-
tool deformation. Pro-
gramming includes automatic bend sequenc-
ing, and is performed using a 17-in. touchscreen with an intuitive 2D
graphical interface. And, to enable offline programming, the control
is equipped with interactive 3D visualization graphics. A Lazer Safe block laser safe- ty system provides high-speed—and safe—closing down to just 2 mm. Compared with other guarding systems, the block laser system reportedly can save as much as 2 sec./cycle.
The machine’s rigid O-frame eliminates horizontal deflection and allows backgauge positioning over the entire working length. Linear scales are mounted on independent sideframes and guarantee ram positioning accuracy of ±0.005 mm.
Prima Power North America: 847/952-8500;
Fiber Laser Cutting Systems
Hypertherm, Inc., Hanover, NH, introduces two new HyIntensity Fiber Laser systems—the 2-kW HFL020 and the 1-kW HFL010. The new machines join the firm’s 1.5-kW model unveiled in 2010 as reportedly the first fully integrated fiber laser systems designed specifically for marking and fine-feature cutting.
The cutting machines offer optimum performance on a range of applications and deliver consistent cut quality across a host of material types, including brass and copper, as well as mild steel to 5⁄8 in. thick.
And, fabricators can easily inte- grate and install HyIntensity systems onto existing cutting tables, including those already running a plasma-cutting torch.
Hypertherm, Inc.: 603/643-3441;
    New Union Sheet Feeder
  Only from Union Tool
Manual feeding of metal sheet blanks is labor intensive, potentially slow or inefficient. There is injury potential as well. The Union Sheet Feeder is specifically designed to automatically destack, align and feed steel sheets up to five parts
per minute.
• Feeds sheets ranging in sizes from 20” to 44” wide and 60” to 76” long, with thicknesses varying from .050” to .125”.
Features a PLC control with operator touchscreen interface.
Equipped with a double sheet detector to insure only one sheet at a time is delivered.
Reduces labor costs; increases worker safety and production efficiency.
Count on Union Tool for your next sheet feeder system.
Call or visit our website today to learn more about Union Tool’s complete line of automated machines!
 The Union Tool Corporation
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