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   Tooling Update
Tooling Technology
Powerful Flat-Pattern Development Integrated into SolidWorks
Forming Technologies Inc.,
(FTI), Burlington, Ontario, Cana-
da, has released BlankWorks
v4.3, providing SolidWorks
2011 users charged with
designing progressive dies
an integrated tool for devel-
oping optimal flat patterns
from complex 3D designs.
Trial-and-error methods tradi-
tionally used to develop complex flanges and flat-pattern shapes can take several days to a few weeks to develop. Using BlankWorks, users can develop flanges and blank shapes for their stampings in less than a minute, says FTI.
New features in BlankWorks 4.3 include flange/blank synchronization with Solid- Works geometry, and blank edge smoothing to generate tangent continuous arc and line geometry and enhance the translation to the manufacturing process.
In addition to flat-pattern development and flange unfolding, BlankWorks also pro- vides a contour plot indicating any thickening and thinning resulting from the form- ing process. It accounts for material stretch and deformation as well as bending and can flatten any SolidWorks geometry, and also can be used to assess the feasibil- ity of a part for manufacturing.
Forming Technologies Inc.: 905/340-2997;
Clamp Facilitates In-Press Removal of Gas Springs
Standard Lifters
LLC, Grand Rapids, MI,
introduces the gas-
spring clamp (GSC)—an
all-steel single-tap clamp
compatible with all
brands of gas springs
that allows in-press
removal of gas springs.
Tightening the fastener
constricts the clamp,
tightening its hold any-
where along the z axis of the spring body.
Compared to other spring-removal options—flange mount, rear fastening or sheetmetal catch—the GSC eliminates the need for a machined pocket or shims, or any custom fabrication. The GSC comes in eight models for springs 19- to 75-mm dia. Standard Lifters: 616/301-2181;
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More productivity. Generates profits.
50,000,000 press strokes. Zero failures.
Eliminates ejector failures. Long-lasting ejector system.
Make the switch to the Shed-It
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