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         Tech Update
New Non-Chlorinated Water-Soluble Drawing Compound
Fortech Products has introduced its new TechDraw FT501 heavy-duty, non- chlorinated, water-soluble drawing com- pound, formulated to perform a variety of operations. Its extreme-pressure addi- tives allow forming in the most severe stamping operations, officially say, reducing part galling and cracking while increasing tooling and coating life.
TechDraw FT 501’s unique formulation was developed to be used in recirculated systems and thus exhibits excellent bio- logical control, decreasing odor and pro- viding parts and dies with a clean, non- tacky surface. It reportedly performs well with in-die or standalone tapping units, and may be used on ferrous and nonferrous substrates.
Deburring, with Intelligent Software
 Arku has debuted its new intelligent software Wizard, which promises to reduce the time needed to set up the firm’s auto- mated deburring machines. With the Wiz- ard, users only must enter basic data about their parts (thickness, material
type, etc.), and the software calculates the optimum tools and processing set- tings. This allows novice employees to operate Arku debur- ring machines.
At FABTECH 2022 in Atlanta, Arku is dis- playing the Wizard in operation on an Arku EdgeBreaker 6000 deburring machine, the latest addition to its deburring portfolio
and designed specifically to meet the needs of laser job shops. The machine features a vacuum conveyor and rotary brushes that provide uniform edge rounding to as small as a 2-mm radius.
  Protecting dies. Increasing uptime.
Sensors for
Modern Metalforming
 ■ Prevent die crashes by detecting faults before the die closes
■ Eliminate productivity loss due to maintenance/repairs and bad-part sorting
■ Verify work pieces, holding tools, stripper plates, pilot holes, and more
■ Plan for the future with the help of an industry-leading IIoT expert
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