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cutting performance, particularly for long- lasting cutting operations with high laser power.
The BeamShaper function reportedly enables exceptional cutting quality for steel to a sheet thickness of 1.125 in., and this option can be selected with the purchase of a new ByStar Fiber or retro- fitted at a later date.
Bystronic Inc.:
Ultra-Fast Laser Fuses Metal Alloys to Glass
A new process enabling the welding of metal alloys to glass has been developed by researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, a devel- opment that may provide significant new opportunities for manufacturers, according to researchers.
Using an “ultra-fast” laser, the team successfully welded optical materials such as quartz, borosilicate glass and sapphire to aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. The Heriot-Watt laser system employed in the research provides picosecond-long pulses of infrared light in tracks along the materials to fuse them together.
Researchers claim that the new process is transformative for manufacturing, and has direct applications in the aerospace, defense, optical-technology and healthcare sectors. No word yet on a timeline for commercialization.
Mobile Fume Extraction
ULT AG introduces the ULT 160.1 portable fume extraction unit—part of a new product series—for small and medium air-pollutant quantities. Systems in the new series help to eliminate airborne pol- lutants released during joining, separation or surface-processing technologies. In addition to a new appearance and improved handling capabilities, the new series reportedly provides high filtration rates and low-noise operation.
Special filter combinations within the ULT 160.1 increase separation efficiency and filter lives, resulting in significant cost
savings for users, according to company officials, and the compact, mobile system design enables flexibility when service constantly relocated manual workstations.
The ULT 160.1 can be installed with one extraction arm or two hoses, and can connect to external systems via a D-Sub interface for automated operations, such as those including laser marking systems, soldering machines or dispensing devices. ULT AG:
Smaller, Lighter, Quieter Gas-Engine-Driven Welder/Generator
New from Lincoln Electric, the Ranger 330MPX gas-engine-driven welder and generator, reportedly offering more power in a smaller and quieter package than other machines in its class. The combi- nation of a smaller footprint, quieter oper- ation and clean AC-generator power enable users to operate various tools and tech- nologies in field applications such as con- struction, maintenance and repair, pipeline and more.
Simple to transport due to its compact size and new competitor-compatible bolt pattern, the welder/generator boasts a 20-percent-smaller footprint, and is 25- percent lighter and 31-percent smaller in volume than other same-class machines, according to company officials. Also, it’s reportedly as much as 60-percent quieter than comparable models.
Ranger 330MPX advanced features include Lincoln Electric’s CrossLinc remote control, ArcFX visual setting feedback and Ready.Set.Weld quick-setup guide—the
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