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 T. J. Snow Announces Regional Resistance Welding Seminar Dates
T. J. Snow Co. has announced the launch of its one-day semi- nar on resistance welding and its process variables. Beginning this month, seminars will be held at the locations below. The company also offers customized in-plant training and consulting. For regis- tration information, visit regional-seminars.
Resistance Welding Seminar Schedule
Other problems experienced with MFDC include:
• Increased mechanical wear on the machine;
• Magnetized machine and product, causing machine
failures; and
• Unbalanced temperature and wear of the two electrodes,
resulting in weld variations.
We covered much in this article, but three takeaways are especially important:
1) Employing a control capable of ensuring that every produced current impulse stabilizes at the programmed setting before programming a new value is necessary to maintaining a repeatable process accurately regulated by the control.
2) The speed that a seam can be produced, while main- taining control of the process, can be maximized by employ- ing multivariable adaptive control that can dynamically compensate for variations in electrode contact area on the part, electrode force, position and velocity as the seam is produced.
3) Analyses of several high-speed seam welding operations have revealed that proper application of inverter technology to the existing AC welding transformer produces superior results to those achieved by replacing it with an MFDC
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