Servo Technology Experience

Two-Day Technical Conference:

Servo Technology Experience
October 3-4, 2017
Cleveland, OH

—powered by the Precision Metalforming Association and MetalForming magazine


PMA and MetalForming magazine are proud to bring you this conference on state-of-the-art servo technology used in presses, transfer systems, coil-feed lines and more. Aimed at engineers and technicians working in metalforming plants, the event will provide technical presentations and case studies describing how modern servo-based equipment can help stampers improve productivity and quality.

Day one of the conference will focus on servo-press technology, and include scheduled breakout sessions with leading suppliers of servo presses. Here, attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry thought leaders and gain unique insights into how this technology is leading the evolution in the metal-stamping industry, and where the technology is headed.

Day two of the conference turns attention to transfer systems, coil-feed lines and other servo-based technology prevalent in pressrooms today. Attendees will learn how these systems work in unison to lead stampers to increased performance and profitability.


  • $399 per person
  • $199 per person (PMA members)