Tube and Sheet Fabricating Machines

Thursday, October 1, 2015
BLM GroupBLM Group USA
Booth N2000 and N2010

Blm Group USA, Wixom, MI, features its new LC5 tube and sheet fabricating machine, BC80 end-machining center, and three new all-electric tube bending machines, the Elect102, the E-Turn52 and the Smart.

The compact LC5, equipped with a fiber laser with power to 4.5 kW, is the only high-production machine with automatic loading and unloading that can process both tube and flat sheet in a single machine, according to company officials. It can handle bar to 21 ft. in length and tube to 4.75 in. dia. The processing of sheetmetal is fully automatic and allows for sheet to 5 by 10 ft. The fiber laser is ideal for cutting both mild steel and highly reflective materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.


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